Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture Plane Opening

Picture Plane, the second exhibition at Nudashank featuring the work of Michael Dotson, Tim Horjus, Morgan Blair, Dale Ihnken, Dan Bina and Allison Reimus, opened Friday, May 15. Check
out the photos:
Lora Angelova and Michael Dotson
left, Tim Horjus, right Michael Dotson, photo by Cara OberLeft Dale Ihnken, right Michael Dotson, photo by Cara OberMichael Dotson

photo by Cara OberMorgan Blair

Dan Bina

Katya Mezhibovskaya, Dan Bina and Morgan Blairleft Dale Ihnken, right Allison Reimus

Photo by Morgan Blair
Emily C-D

Bonner Sale and Zac Willis

Allison Reimus

Allison Reimus, Kate Sable, and Sarah Laing

Nick Mayer and Chiara Keeling


Tim Horjus

Charlie and Morgan Blair

Lora and Alex

Dan Bina left, Tim Horjus right


Maggie and Rusty

James Noble

Stephanie and Cassy Seale

Dave, Mike and Tara Megos

Aran Keating and Dixie Johnson

Dale Ihnken

Julie and Cara

D'Metrius and Jamillah

Dan Bina

Michael Dotson

Walter and Maggie


Dale Ihnken

Alex and Michael