Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saturation Point Opens
@ AU's Museum at the Katzen Center

Image: Jamie Felton, "There are Two Kinds of Tears," 84" x 60", 2013

Nudashank presents:

Saturation Point

David Armacost
Jordan Bernier
Alex Da Corte
Jamie Feltion

American University Museum at the
Katzen Arts Center
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

Opening: April 6th, 6-8pm
Exhibition Runs: April 6th - May 26th, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Conor Backman: The Other Real
Opens Saturday March 23rd

Conor Backman 
The Other Real

Opens Saturday, March 23rd

405 W. Franklin St. 
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Installation Views from GRAN PRIX

Untitled Works on Paper by John Bohl

Lucas Blalock

Ethan Breckenridge

Dustin Carlson's "Sirens"

Caitlin Cunningham's "Jack/son Torrance" above
Chlorophyl in acrylic medium on plexiglass with painted panels

Max Guy

Max Guy above and below

Alex da Corte above, Benjamin Degen below

Jesse Greenberg

Jesse Greenberg

Jesse Greenberg above

Hermonie Only

Erik Parker

Nick Peelor above, Lisa Dillin below

Alisa Baremboym above and below

Dan Conrad above

Installation by Shaun Flynn

Installation by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

D'Metrius Rice left, Colin Benjamin right

Colin Van Winkle left, Erik Parker right

Colin Van Winkle above, D'Metrius Rice below

Collages by Steven Riddle

Ara Dymond left, Justin Kelly right

Installation View, Charles Fish and Sons Bldg. 
with works by Justin Kelly, Ara Dymond, Max Guy, Armcost/Planck, and Dina Kelberman

Above - Sculpture by Ara Dymond with Will Pierce's wall work 
and Colin Benjamin's sculptures on the window shelf

Sculpture by Nick Vyssotsky above

Max Guy, window tinting vinyl on mirror
Armacost/ Planck right installation "Wheatfield with Crows"

Will Pierce

Chris LaVoie left, Max Guy right

Jesse Greenberg left, Dan Conrad right

DinaKelberman's "Blue Clouds" above

Prints by Justin Kelly

Installation by Chris LaVoie

Skye Gilkerson's Dislocation Project
presented in the show as postcard documentation with project overview