Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Glow Opening Photos

Day Glow
Curated by Andrew Laumann
On view through August 28

This guy (Kyle) looks cool in front of Letha Wilson's work

Matt Porterfield with Letha Wilson's Right Back At You

Annie in front of Jessica Eaton's Quantum Pong

Michael Dotson in front of Sam Falls' Return to the Alps 1 & 3

Josh and Jessie in front of Peter Sutherland's photos from Nepal

Sarah with Letha Wilson's Double Dip

Ben Horns in front of Letha Wilson's Partially Buried

Justin Kelly

Rusty Burke

Maggie Burke in front of Willa Nasatir's LA and Tape Flare 2

DJ in front of Coley Brown's photos


Greg with some ladies

Peter and friend





Nick with Letha Wilson's Pink Caim


Sarah Maton and friend

John and Scott

Andy and Amanda


Seth and Alex


Michael Benevento

Curator Andrew Laumann with his mom

Rose and Virginia

Martha and Mike

Dungeon Master Cullen



RE: FURNISHED Installation Photos

Mitch Magee- "Palm Tree Lean Piece" and "Beach Balls"

Seth Crawford- "The Beast"

Nathan Manuel- "Sunshine on His Back"

Nathan Manuel

Nathan Manuel- "There Yet?"

Nathan Manuel- "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"

Georgia Dickie (left), Mitch Magee (right)

Georgia Dickie- "Peg Leg Billy"

Mitch Magee- "Candle"

Nick Van Woert (left), Georgia Dickie (right)

Georgia Dickie- "The Thirsty Plinth"

Nick Van Woert- "Home Furnishings"

Seth Crawford

Seth Crawford- "Tape Vase"

Seth Crawford- "Ping Pong Knife"