Thursday, April 1, 2010

Horror Vacui

Harrison Haynes, Untitled (Phantom Zone 01)

Benjamin Phelan, Video Still


Nudashank presents "Horror Vacui", a group exhibition featuring Laura Brothers (NY), Harrison Haynes (NC), Benjamin Phelan (NY), Dan Gluibizzi Jr (NY), and Charles Broskoski (TX). This multimedia exhibition will include painting, sculpture, photography, video and digital prints. The title Horror Vacui refers to a fear of empty spaces, each of the works use retro sci-fi aesthetics to examine the fear of the emptiness of a contemporary existence so heavily enmeshed with technology.

Opening Reception: Friday April 16th 6pm-8:30pm
The opening reception is free, but to see the rest of the festival that occupies the 3rd through the 6th floors of the H&H, there is a $10 admission. 
Shows runs from April 16th - May 7th, 2010

The exhibit will be open as part of the Transmodern Festival on Friday the 16th, Saturday 17th, and Sunday 18th from 8pm-midnight. $10 admission to the festival in the lobby of the H&H. The show will also be open to the public from noon- 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Transmodern is a festival of provocative works by cultural experimenters from Baltimore and the World. The artists of the 7th Annual Transmodern Festival defy traditional genres and embrace radical innovation through transmedia, clashes of organic vs. artificial intelligence, psychogeography, dislocation of consensus reality, real politic and collective cultural action.

The 7th Annual Transmodern Festival (Live.Art.Action) will be held at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the H&H Building galleries and Baltimore waterfront from April 15th to Sunday, April 18th. Following last year’s record attendance and crowds, the festival expands programming to the Baltimore Museum of Art, continues programming on all four floors of the H&H Building and moves outdoor site-specific work to selected areas of Baltimore waterfront. The festival’s visionary approach to presenting new multi-disciplinary work continues to attract regional art lovers, local cultural mavens, occasional passers-by, critical acclaim, and on-going academic interest.

For more information about Transmodern, visit: 

Dan Gluibizzi, Ancient Night

Installation Shots from "Table of Contents"

Paul Koneazny above and below

Paul Koneazny left, Molly O'Connell center, Jamie Felton right

Cody DeFranco and the table of contents

Lizz Hickey

Paul Koneazny left, Lizz Hickey center, Molly O'Connell front

Andrew Laumann left, Cody DeFranco

Paul Koneazny

Paul Koneazny

Lizz Hickey (walls), Molly O'Connell (pedestal)

Cody DeFranco left, Paul Koneazny right

Molly O'Connell left, Jamie Felton right

Cody DeFranco

Paul Koneazny, Lizz Hickey

Jamie Felton

Jamie Felton, Jordan Bernier

Jordan Bernier

Lizz Hickey

Molly O'Connell (far left), Cody DeFranco (center), Paul Koneazny (right)

Molly O'Connell left, Cody Defranco right

Andrew Laumann left, Cody DeFranco right

Andrew Laumann

Molly O'Connell

Lizz Hickey

Jordan Bernier, Molly O'Connell, Cody DeFranco

Photos from the Opening of "Table of Contents"

Jordan, John and Annie

Kendall and Maggie

Jordan Bernier and Caitlin Cunningham

Michael, Christian and Ryan

Maggie and Doreen

Rusty and Caitlin


Cody DeFranco in front of his sewn collage

"Jamie Felton" waves.

Chris and Molly O'Connell


John and Liz

Maggie, Jessie and Owen

Shaun Flynn

Lora and Janelle


Ed and Marisa