Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ryan Lauderdale:
Bed Bath and Beyond

Ryan Lauderdale
Bed Bath and Beyond

Opening Reception
Saturday, December 3rd 7 - 10pm

Reaching the beyond every day.
A transcendental mall in which to empty out.
Bliss out spa.
Stay super spiritual

Ryan Lauderdale is a Brooklyn based artist, and Hunter MFA candidate. This is his first exhibition with Nudashank.

Show Runs
December 3rd, 2011 - January 5th, 2012

Alternate viewings by appointment. Email nudashank (at) gmail [dot] com

H&H Bldg.
405 W. Franklin St.
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Installation and Works from Paper Chasers

Ted Gahl

4 Collages by Samuel T. Adams

Russell Hite

Lesser Gonzalez

Benjamin Edmiston

Elena Johnston

Brion Nuda Rosch

Brion Nuda Rosch

Conor Backman

Matthew Craven

Justin Kelly

Steven Riddle

Edward Max Fendley

Steven Riddle

Matt Leines

Leif Low-Beer

Bettina Yung

Christian Herr

Andrew Guenther

Annie Grey

D'Metrius Rice

Russell Hite

Russell Hite

Felipe Goncalves

Adam Dwight

Sidney Pink

Sidney Pink

Rachel Bone

Alex Lukas (above), Cara Ober (3 below)

Adam Tullie

Sofia Leiby

Amy Boone-McCreesh

Alex Lukas

D'Metrius Rice