Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photos from the Opening of Color Me Bad

Color Me Bad, on view through March 22nd.

Joshua Abelow
Brian Michael Dunn
Ted Gahl
Hugh Scott-Douglas

Joshua Abelow and Andy Abelow with Joshua's self-portrait

Hugh-mongous Scott-Douglas and Seth Adelsberger in front of Hugh's paintings

Reuben Breslar and Ted Gahl with Ted's paintings

Andy, Tisch and Joshua Abelow, and Jashin Friedrich

Sal and Jordan in front of Brian Michael Dunn's paintings

Joshua Abelow and Keith J. Varadi

Tracy Thomason and Olivia Maxwell

Jimmy Joe Roche is so tough.

Jessi Binder and Brian Michael Dunn in front of Brian's painting

Maude and Max

Olivia and Georgia Dickie

Shaun Flynn in front of Ted Gahl's work

Lesser in front of Joshua's paintings



The best cupcakes in the whole world, made by Lora

Lora Angelova (worlds best cupcake chef) in front of Brian's paintings

Jamie Felton and Paul Koneazny

I liked this girl's oufit

Russell and Elena

Joanna, Emily and Miranda

Lindsay, Jamie and Milana

John Bohl