Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Installation Photos from
New Painthings: Ted Gahl / Tatiana Berg

Tatiana Berg's Tents and Paintings

Ted Gahl

Ted Gahl: Left- Self-Portrait (Head on a Lance), Right- Tomcattin'

Ted Gahl- Tomcattin'

Ted Gahl: Left- Glitch 2 (Triscuit), Right- Domestic Scene (After Bonnard)

Ted Gahl- Domestic Scene (After Bonnard)

Left- Ted Gahl, Lazy Ex Right- Tatiana Berg, VD Painting

Tatiana Berg - Hatch

Ted Gahl - Student

Ted Gahl- Growth

Tatiana Berg- Proscenium on TV

Tatiana Berg- Division of Meat

Ted Gahl: Left- Montgomery, Right- After the Fact

Ted Gahl: Left- Flatmates Right- Drivers

Ted Gahl- Fiction

Ted Gahl: Top- Funhaus, Bottom- Homage to K.H.2

New Painthings on Fecal Face

Monday, February 15, 2010

Opening Photos from New Painthings

Scott, Jaime and Russell 

Jimmy Joe Roche

Kendall and Seth

The bad cat.


Max and Alex