Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picture Plane Opens May 15th

Michael Dotson, Side by Side, Acrylic on Canvas

Dan Bina (NYC)
Morgan Blair (NYC)
Michael Dotson (DC)
Allison Reimus (DC)
Tim Horjus (BMO)
Dale Ihnken (BMO)

May 15th- June 21st
Opening Reception:
Friday May 15th, 7 - 9 pm

Nudashank is pleased to present our second exhibition- “Picture Plane.” This show brings together paintings that combine hard-edged abstraction with a post-digital return to pictorial space and linear perspective. Equal parts modernism and classicism, the exhibiting painters are from a generation that has been influenced by screensavers, vector graphics, MS Paint, Google maps, and Photoshop. The paintings evince the pervading luminescence of the computer screen, the digital color spectrum, and the expanding universe of virtual spaces. Flat, planar shapes are used as devices to depict scenes void of inhabitants. These paintings reflect a new, synthesized (perhaps alienated) perception of the world and how visual information is coded, condensed, flattened, and transmitted.


H&H Arts Building

405 W. Franklin St. 

3rd Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201