Monday, July 11, 2011

Photos from the opening of STREET LEVEL

Robby and Jimmy with Jamie Felton's pot hole paintings
Jacob Cohen
Leanne Eisen
Jamie Felton
Andrew Laumann
Elaine Cameron-Weir

On view through July 30th
Paul Koneazny and Jamie Felton

Amy, Matt, and Ivy between Andrew Laumann's pieces

Owen and Maggie in front of Andrew's piece

Brian by Jacob Cohen's floor piece and Leanne Eisen's photo (left)

Margo and Nick

David and Nick with Jamie's floor pot holes.

Jake D. and Jacob Cohen, in front of Jacob's collages

Sara and Melody

Shaun in front of Leanne's photos

Evan and Kaitlin



David and Bonnie

Megan and Laura

Felipe and Dainty

Amy and Hanna

Erick and Jayme

Sara and Alia

Emily and Art