Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photos from Stay Tooned @ John Fonda Gallery
Curated by Nudashank

Exhibiting Artist Maude Kasperzak (center) with Bettina Yung (left) and Joanna Kopczyk (right) in front of Maude's painting
Stay Tooned
@ John Fonda Gallery
Curated by Nudashank

Jordan Bernier
Maude Kasperzak
D'Metrius Rice
Bonner Sale

Bonner Sale with his work

Jordan and Caitlin

D'Metrius Rice with his paintings

Sara and John in front of Jordan Bernier's drawing

Jordan and Bonner

Sal in front of Bonner Sale's work

Pete and Lauren in front of D'Metrius Rice's paintings

Bonner's shirt getting cooler

Andrew with D'Metrius Rice's painting

Max with Jordan Bernier's drawing

Justin in front of DJ's paintings

Florian in front of DJs paintings

Sarah in front of Bonner's painting

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Opening Reception for Radiant Fields

Benjamin Edmiston

May 28th - June 25th
Opening Reception: Saturday May 28th, 7 - 10pm

Benjamin Edmiston
Edward Max Fendley
Steven Riddle

Radiant Fields is a vibrating, neon collision of compressed and
infinite space. Theatrical vignettes site in the mid ground
between cosmic collages and flattened geometric structures.
Extending beyond the frame into site specific installation,
Edmiston, Fendley, and Riddle mix folk art, psychedelia, sci-fi,
and abstraction in the full depth of field.