Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opening Photos from "Scrappy" @ Reference Gallery

Red Bull Girls with Noam Rappaport's Collection #4
Scrappy @ Reference (unofficially sponsored by Red Bull)
Featuring works by:
Seth Adelsberger
Michael Hunter
Noam Rappaport
and Bettina Yung
Curated by Alex Ebstein

Ross Iannatti and Edward Shenk with Michael Hunter's piece (left) and Noam Rappaport's piece (grey)

Andy and Reid with Noam Rappaport's pieces

Seth Adelsberger's piece

Alex Ebstein with Noam Rappaport's Collection #5

Taylor Baldwin next to Bettina Yung's piece

Michael Dotson next to Michael Hunter's piece

Bettina Yung's Composition #1

Conor Backman (center) in front of Seth Adelsberger's Flag

Steven Riddle

Seth Adelsberger and Alex Ebstein between Michael Hunter's Anthem (left) and Seth Adelsberger's Sailboat (right)

Laura Maggie and Daniel with Noam's piece

Matt and Chris with Noam's piece

Brooke Inman in front of Seth Adelsberger's piece

Alex with Bettina Yung's piece

Ryan with Michael Hunter's piece

On view through April 8th