Thursday, June 23, 2011

NY Studio Visits with Meghan Petras and Nick van Woert

While we were up in NY for Out Of Practice, we got to visit a couple studios, including Meghan Petras and Nick van Woert.
Petras, who works in her home-studio, makes her pieces on un-stretched canvas and stretches the compositions after they're painted. In some, she's cut up and re-sewn the canvas, creating seems and disjointed marks.

cut and re-sewn piece
Meghan also makes ceramics (above) and rugs, which I did not photograph, but they're awesome!

Petras' boyfriend, Ivin Ballen's fiberglass speaker / sculptures

an un-stretched new piece

Nick van Woert's new studio, with Spanish church sculptures (above)

I am pretty sure he said those things on the table used to be the Unabombers from the recent crime auction...

Seth looking at one of Nick's sculptures

teeny busts.