Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baltimore Liste @ The Contemporary Museum

Nudashank, along with other area artist-run galleries (including Open Space, Current and Gallery Four) were asked to nominate Baltimore-based artists for a series of solo shows at the Baltimore Contemporary Museum. The 3 sets of 4 solo shows, called Baltimore Liste, will be on view throughout the month of May. Congratulations to Jordan Bernier, Caitlin Cunningham (Nudashank nominees) and the other ten artists selected to exhibit!

Caitlin Cunningham
From their press release:

To produce Baltimore Liste, The Contemporary museum has joined forces with seven local galleries (Area 405, Open Space, Current Gallery, Gallery Four, Nudashank, Subbasement Gallery and Jordan Faye Contemporary Art) each gallery nominated three artists. After visiting 21 studios, Sue Spaid has selected twelve artists to have solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Museum during the month of May.

In other words, "Every day is 'May Day' this May."

Catch 'em while you can! This show is short! One Week only!

The first Exhibition is May 11-15

Opening Reception : Friday the 13th from 6:30 to 9:30

John Bohl (Current)
Shaun Flynn (Gallery Four)
Stewart Watson (Area 405)
Jordan Bernier (Nudashank)

May 18-22 Opening Reception : Friday May 20th
David Page (Jordan Faye Contemporary) http://www.jordanfayeconte
Nicholas Gottlund (Open Space) http://www.openspacebaltim
Caitlin Cunningham (Nudashank)
Josh Wade Smith (Gallery Four)

May 25- June 5 Opening Reception : Friday May 27th
Michelle Model (Sub Basement) http://www.subbasementarti
Gary Kachadourian (Current)
Kate Mackinnon (Jordan Faye Contemporary)http://www.jordanfayeconte
DUOX (Open Space) http://www.openspacebaltim