Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photos from the Opening of "Doubting Thomases"

Curator- Alex Lukas in front of the title wall
Doubting Thomases
Curated by Alex Lukas
On view through October 8
Matt Leines in front of his painted/screenprinted masks

Michael and Lora

Jon in front of Dan Murphy's pieces

Alex and Matt

Bonnie and Jackie in front of Andrew Jeffrey Wright's "Super Rares"

Annie and Tim in front of Alex Lukas's submerged cities

Mike in front of AJW's Mr. ET

Phuong and Leah in front of Isaac Lin's pieces

Miranda in front of Micah Danges' work

Michael, Lora, and Seth

dudes in front of Chris Kline's work

Yay! DJ made it to the show!

Ben Horns is a ladies' man


Alex and Nick in front of Dan Murphy's pieces

Lora and Alex with Bill McRight's mask

Andrew and Graham

These guys made it up from DC.

Dan Murphy in front of Isaac Lin's piece

Caitlin and friend

Neal and Eric

people looking at Alex Lukas' work

Maude! Our new intern!




Matt, Phu and Alex