Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photos from the Opening of RE: FURNISHED

Annie and Nathan Manuel in front of Nathan's piece "This is why we can't have nice things"
On view through July 31
Max in front of Mitch Magee's Leaning Palms and Dark Beach Balls.

Chiara Keeling and Jimmy Joe Roche

Alana Madill and Xavier Schipani

Jason Urick next to Nathan Manuel's "There Yet?"

Mitch Magee and Kaveri Nair

Mary Helena Clark and Alex Ebstein with Mitch Magee's "Candle"

Georgia Dickie and Hugh Scott-Douglas with Georgia's sculpture "Standby Arm (Pegleg Billy)"

Maggie and Max

Lauren and friend in front of Nick Van Woert's "Home Furnishings"

Dan Wickerham and Malcolm Lomax with Georgia Dickie's "The Thirsty Plinth"

Sarah and Lexie

Shaun and Seth

Seth Crawford and Gary Kachadourian with Seth's "Tape Vase" and "Ping Pong Knife"

Bettina and between Nathan Manuel's "Sunshine on his back" (left) and Seth Crawford's "Untitled (Beast)" (right)

Mitch Magee and Nathan Manuel

Emily Slaughter, Sara Seidman and Caitlin Cunningham

Andrew Laumann

Julie Benoit, being knifed

Kristian and Marianne with the rubber band beast

Bart O'Reilly (right) and his classmates in MICA's summer MFA program between Nick Van Woert and Georgia Dickie's sculptures



Maggie with Nathan's piece

Owen and Jon with Georgia's sculpture

Matt Porterfield and Amy with the beast