Monday, May 30, 2011

Intallation Photos from "Radiant Fields"

Steven Riddle's wall collage and framed works

Steven Riddle's shake-able collage

Collages by Steven Riddle

Paintings by Edward Max Fendley on the left

Modern Antique (AC / DC) by Ben Edmiston, Untitled by Edward Max Fendley and Fan Tastic | Maker by Steven Riddle

"Bloodbrothers" by Benjamin Edmiston

Steven Riddle (left and right), Benjamin Edmiston (middle)

2 works by Steven Riddle

Edward Max Fendley (left), Steven Riddle (right)

2 Paintings by Edward Max Fendley

Edward Max Fendley

3 Works by Edward Max Fendley

Wall Painting and works by Benjamin Edmiston

Collages by Benjamin Edmiston

2 Large Pieces by Benjamin Edmiston

"Modern Antique (Motorhead)" by Benjamin Edmiston