Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Installation Photos from
New Painthings: Ted Gahl / Tatiana Berg

Tatiana Berg's Tents and Paintings

Ted Gahl

Ted Gahl: Left- Self-Portrait (Head on a Lance), Right- Tomcattin'

Ted Gahl- Tomcattin'

Ted Gahl: Left- Glitch 2 (Triscuit), Right- Domestic Scene (After Bonnard)

Ted Gahl- Domestic Scene (After Bonnard)

Left- Ted Gahl, Lazy Ex Right- Tatiana Berg, VD Painting

Tatiana Berg - Hatch

Ted Gahl - Student

Ted Gahl- Growth

Tatiana Berg- Proscenium on TV

Tatiana Berg- Division of Meat

Ted Gahl: Left- Montgomery, Right- After the Fact

Ted Gahl: Left- Flatmates Right- Drivers

Ted Gahl- Fiction

Ted Gahl: Top- Funhaus, Bottom- Homage to K.H.2

New Painthings on Fecal Face